All About Motorcycle Safety:


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Great info

As a new biker, this was all great info, and the host was enjoyable and well informed. I’d highly recommend this podcast

Great advice!

This is great advice for anyone who rides a motorcycle! Very good tips to follow to be safe. Excellent! 👍❤️😃

Surpassed Expectations

Even though I am not a serious motorcyclist, it was a pleasure to listen and learn from such an engaging host. Len’s heartfelt telling of his own experiences made me want to get on a bike and safely partake in the joy and fun of motorcycle riding. I look forward to it but do remember Len’s emphasis on pace and safety so that I arrive alive.

Ride your ride.

My old Bmw riding group in Manhattan had the best president. Before each Sunday morning ride. She always stressed. “Ride your ride”. I say this to myself every time I get on top of my bike. Couldn’t be a smarter phrase for any rider.