All About Motorcycle Safety:

Why I started this podcast

In the late summer of 2019, an SUV ran a red light and hit me very hard. The SUV’s right front quarter panel slammed into me and I bounced off and landed on my side in the middle of 37th Street and Lexington Avenue—about 150 feet from the front door of my apartment building.

Luckily my motorcycle’s fork absorbed a good portion of the crash, and I was left with minor injuries. I had always wanted to make a podcast about Motorcycle Safety because it's so important to those of us who love to ride. This accident inspired me to do create this podcast. There’s much more to motorcycle safety than listening to a podcast. But safety comprises how we think, act, and perform on a motorcycle and I feel hearing how other experienced riders approach safety from a physical, mental, and spiritual perspective can help us all.

The world is very different place right now. My guess is that most of us will be riding a little less in the spring of 2020. And even if that’s not the case, we need diversion and immersion with things that keep us sane and make us happy while not forgetting the somberness of our current situation.

I hope you enjoy the podcast but more importantly, I hope something resonates with you! Something that will help make you a better rider so you can enjoy many more days, months, and years of riding.